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Marion Borgelt

GBAA’s corporate art collection strategies are designed to help companies communicate and engage with their internal and external audiences by reflecting their brand and culture. This involves creating a curated collection of art that reflects the company’s values, history, and identity, and selecting works that are appropriate for the company’s physical space and intended audience.

The goal is to create a meaningful and inspiring environment that enhances employee morale and engagement, while also communicating the company’s values to clients and visitors. GBAA works with clients to develop a comprehensive strategy that considers acquisition, display, conservation, and promotion of the collection, as well as its potential impact on corporate social responsibility outreach. By creating a corporate art collection, companies can make a lasting contribution to the cultural landscape of their communities, while also strengthening their own brand and identity.

Corporate clients of GBAA have come to recognize the value of art not only as an aesthetic addition to their spaces, but also as a tool to enhance their corporate culture and brand engagement. By collecting and engaging with art, companies can create a more dynamic and inspiring work environment, which can improve employee morale, creativity and productivity. Furthermore, having a corporate art collection can also demonstrate a company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and support for the arts.

Through supporting and collecting art, corporate clients of GBAA also have the opportunity to provide crucial support to artists and the wider arts community. Corporate art collections can help to promote and exhibit the work of emerging and established artists, which can in turn benefit their careers and livelihoods. At the same time, such collections can help to connect clients, communities, and audiences in engaging and stimulating ways, fostering a sense of connection and shared experience that extends beyond the workplace.

GBAA clients include Federal Government Agencies (Melbourne and Sydney), MolinoCahill Lawyers (Melbourne), Macquarie Bank, the Republic of South Korea, First State (Hong Kong), Mann Investments (Hong Kong), Clifford Chance Asia, to name a few.

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Molino Cahill Lawyers
GB Art Advisory has helped us procure some key Australian artworks in keeping with our company culture and brand. The staff instantly connected with the works, stimulating conversation and engagement.
Molino Cahill Lawyers