Art Cataloguing

Cataloging your art collection is a must!
Keeping track of your art is vital!

GBAA recommends all collectors; private, corporate and government maintain precise records of aquisitions and accurately catalogue their entire collections.

Catalogues are a comprehensive record of each artwork and serve many important functions such as historical referencing, provenance and insurance.

Primarily, a catalogue of artworks is a detailed summary of a collecting career at any one moment in time, which can be shared with family members, staff, fellow art enthusiasts and even art institutions. This level of cataloguing requires a more personalised list of artworks, including elements such as the artist’s statement at the time of creation, captions by the collector summarising their connection to the work at the time of procurement and a curatorial overview provided by the art advisor.

A catalogue of artworks for the purpose of insurance will be a more concise list of the artworks including an image, title, plate, medium, edition number, procurement price and current market value that is submitted to your insurance broker for coverage. It is also the recommended process to monitor the size and financial growth of your collection.

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