Art Clubs

Unique art visits to unique places.

Art Clubs bring like-minded art enthusiasts together for the common purpose of appreciation, education, enjoyment and collection of art by a group with structure.

Art Clubs are ideal for members to access artworks that are otherwise un-attainable, whilst minimising the monetary risk and financial outlay.

The members do not have to be art professionals, rather people with a keen interest in acquiring sound knowledge and experience of the Australian and international, contemporary and classical arts. In addition the collection is shared and rotated amongst members of the group.

How they work:

  • An art enthusiast can either gather a group of like-minded friends or elect to be part of a new group of collectors collated by GBAA
  • GBAA provides a suggested structure and consitution to ensure responsible governance
  • The duration of the Art Club is established (normally between 6 to 10 years)
  • Members pay an annual subscription and pool the funds to collect art
  • The club is governed by a constitution and detailed by-laws, outlining the strategy of the collection, management and rotation of artworks
  • All members are encouraged to rotate through the ‘executive committee’ and be involved in the research, decision-making and financial management of the Club;
  • Art Clubs meet throughout the year to discuss and experience art events whilst growing their knowledge and collecting art;
  • At the conclusion of the Art Club, artworks are valued and exhibited as a collection. Members are able to aquire their favourite works using their equity

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